Character Creation

All characters should be created as human. Characters should be rolled as normal, but created only as 1st-level commoners, with some sort of trade background. In addition, players should choose a class which must meet one of several criteria:

  1. It must have supernatural powers of some sort, whether arcane, divine, psionic, extraplanar, etc
  2. It must have a relatively bound daily spell list – Clerics able to choose from an entire domain for their daily spells, or wizards able to know any spell are forbidden. Sorcerers, only able to cast the smaller number of spells that they’ve learned for their level, are allowed.
  3. Disallowed classes can be chosen if they’re chosen with a variant that meets that criteria: Druid variants that have spellcasting replaced with a more defined power, for example

Also, players should choose a race that meets the following criteria:

  1. Non-human
  2. Not extra-powerful (in 3.5, level Adjustment of +0, for example, or +1 at DM discretion)
  3. Similarly sized – i.e. human in height
  4. Either a different or additional type or subtype – e.g. outsider, aberrant, etc

Character Creation

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